Facility management, global service and logistics

Functional organization for proper management of the store.

Tekna Servizi offers integrated planning and management of all the facility management services to identify, solve and, when possible, to prevent any problems arising from the deterioration of our customers’ real estate.

In the logistics sector, with our experience and thanks to the partnership with international logistics suppliers, we conduct contracts for the technological management of equipment and component stocks for clients in the telecommunications sector.
We manage customer warehouses, and our service ensures the rational and efficient handling of the products stored, thus enabling customers to avoid shortages or excess stocks with respect to actual requirements.

These activities can be summarised in the following phases:

  • Entry of components (reception, checking and loading);
  • Subdivision of components by type of technology;
  • Preparation of the various component kits according to customer requirements;
  • Exit (unloading) and sending to locations indicated by the customer.

Thanks to dedicated software, we can oversee the entire process and under take all the checking on the status of the warehouse (shortages, excess stocks, tracing of shipments etc.).

As for recovered components that are no longer operational, we can perform their regeneration and reconfiguration so that they can again be used by the client and the client’s customers.