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Tekna Servizi was founded in 2011 when an entrepreneur from Umbria, with twenty years of experience in the sector, decided to set up his own company.
Tekna Servizi brings together people with top level professional skills who, after decades of experience, decided to set up a new company, streamlined and with fast response to customer demands, providing know-how, instruments, means and resources to satisfy the various needs.

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    Thanks to our skilled working groups and the organisation and know how developed over the years, we would like to accompany our clients in the future, setting up customised systems to facilitate production and organisation, and improve the quality of life.

    Tekna Servizi received from Certiquality the 'Recognition of Excellence' for its management systems conform to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.



    • Angelo Sabatini, Amministratore Unico
    • Emanuele Bellucci, Direttore Commerciale
    • Sandro Armadori, Direttore Operativo
    • Ing. Giovanni Palazzoni, Direttore Tecnico

    Company details

    Tekna Servizi, thanks to its extensive network and specialization can guarantee a service that always meets the market requirements of speed and flexibility. From 2011 to today, Tekna Servizi has undergone a constant growth in both sales and technical personnel employed, reaching levels that ensure an extensive intervention capability in line with customer expectations. In 2016, the company has reached a gross turnover of 10 million Euro.
    Sales for 2017 are expected to be about 12 billion Euro. In the previous years, in addition to maintaining and increasing the growth trend, Tekna Servizi brought its fully paid-up share capital to 100.000 Euro.