Alarm systems, entry control, fire alarms

Timely and proactive protection to safeguard of people and tools.

Tekna Servizi designs, builds and implements burglar alarm systems, video surveillance systems, entry control and fire alarm systems based on the highest market standards.

Thanks to the careful analysis of the scenarios and a correct assessment of the security levels, we can identify the most suitable solution that best responds to every single, specific customer requirement.
We can propose various services and solutions for our customers, such as design, installation and assistance for burglar alarms, alarm signalling systems, perimeter protection systems with infrared barriers, microphone cables, underground cables and video surveillance (closed circuit TV).
We also work on entry control systems to protect access to areas of a building with smart monitoring systems to regulate entrance and exit of persons on the basis of permission and authorisation, using dedicated technology such as badge reader terminals, access management and biometric readers for fingerprints.

With regard to safety to safeguard human life, property and the activities under way, fire is undoubtedly one of the risks involved.
Tekna Servizi works in this field, providing systems for smoke detection and fire extinguishing, which play an increasingly important role for prevention; thanks to the early warning system, they allow for prompt intervention in the initial stage of the fire outbreak, thus containing the possible damage to a minimum.