Electrical installations

Tekna Servizi designs and installs major equipment installations (heating, electrical and related) in the industrial, civil, public and private sectors.
Our experience in this sector also enables to intervene in existing plant with extraordinary works to enhance efficiency and improve the existing installations.

We are equipped to meet customer requirements, providing a complete service for the engineering, construction, installation and commissioning of plant.
We design and install electrical systems, electrical panel and medium voltage plant.
Our core business involves all the activities in the electrical and equipment sector; we supply electrical panels, upgrade and build transformer cabins, install and maintain generators and their exchange panels, lighting plant and emergency power systems.

We conduct feasibility studies, design and conduct measures to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and plant, thus helping to reduce the cost of managing and conserving the facilities. This includes the construction work necessary for updating and improving the buildings (fire doors, compartmentalization, painting, false ceilings and floors).

In the panel sector, thanks to the careful collection of information to satisfy our customers’ requirements and an accurate analysis during the engineering phase, we can supply an especially complete range of documentation:

  • constructive drawings for metallic carpentry
  • drawings for placement of equipment
  • lists and specifications of equipment and materials
  • wiring diagrams
  • study and drawings of front panels.

We can supply, install and commission various types of panels and services, including the following main categories:

  • power and automation panels by customer specification
  • types of panels: single, modular, customising for special applications
  • communication with local, remote and supervision systems
  • customising of functional logic with any machine and with supervision systems.