ICT and telecommunications

Tekna Servizi designs and installs all the infrastructures for hosting equipment for fixed and mobile telecommunications networks.

The company installs and commissions radio transmission devices, including the installation of specific and customised external components (radiating), data networks (LAN) via cable, optical fibre and with wireless systems, and router regeneration for Wimax customers.
We never leave our customers alone, and provide them with a complete consultancy, development, maintenance and assistance service.

Mobile stations

Mobile stations are a highly flexible tool in the field of telecommunications, offering fast implementation for the network and immediate operation. Tekna Servizi offers a service for the maintenance and complete reconditioning designed to keep the system usable over time.

In this regard, Tekna Servizi intervenes by performing:

  • The Regeneration of mobile stations, replacing the structural and plant components which are in poor condition of no longer complying with client standards, and commissioning the plant and facilities in order to provide a regenerated station suited to the network that the customer wishes to implement;
  • The Transport of mobile stations, uninstalling them when required from sites where they are no longer necessary, transporting them to the site requested by the client, and installing them when required at the new sites, likewise conducting any preparatory civil and plant works (e.g. excavation and levelling, power supply).
  • The Maintenance of mobile stations, with direct intervention on site, and performance of ordinary maintenance required because of wear and the requirements arising over time.

Products for telecommunications

In the metallic carpentry and industrial prefabrication sector, Tekna Servizi produces metallic container, complete with air conditioning systems, electrical panels and power supply station.

The size, layout and type of the products depend exclusively on customer requirements.
We can design specific products corresponding to and satisfying the requests made.
The field of our products ranges from the smallest aluminium profile cabinets and panelling with expanded polyurethane to house small equipment, to large size modular or single-bloc facilities with suitable structures. Any finished products can be supplied in the “naked” version or designed and set up with suitable plant.
All the products are prepared in our workshops, which besides operating according to maximum safety standards, have the primary aim of supplying products of impeccable quality with satisfaction guaranteed.
Thanks to the long experience of our technicians, we can offer turnkey facilities always designed to ensure the utmost reliability and efficiency.