Drone services

Tekna Servizi has extended its wide range of activities with the addition of drone services.
The use of drones is expanding, since the flexibility of these devices allows for providing high added value services at a low cost, in various industrial sectors.
The use of a drone, with its 360° visibility, allows for the collection of data, research and filming in areas inaccessible with normal means, or at high altitude allowing for the evaluation of any discrepancies or problems which cannot be assessed at ground level.

Tekna Servizi offers services in the following main sectors:

  • TLC and broadcasting, for the search and acquisition of sites;
  • Construction, town planning and topography, with the analysis of land, activities under way or monuments being monitored;
  • Industrial applications such as the evaluation of the status of hard to access plant;
  • Environmental monitoring with the checking of areas subject to subsidence, flooding, landslides and other natural events, and where access could be dangerous.