• Infrastructure and technology.
    In your present, for your future.

  • Electric and safety systems

    Tekna Servizi plans and executes large technological installations (thermotechnical, electric and others) in industrial, public and private sectors.

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  • Alternative energy sources

    Our technicians carry out preliminary surveys and feasibility studies, planning and installing photovoltaic and co-generation systems which fully respect the current norms in force. We also provide maintenance services.

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  • Air conditioning

    A proper climate is one of the most important factors when it comes to comfort in buildings. Tekna Servizi can design and install civil and industrial air conditioning systems according to client requirements.

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  • Facility management

    Tekna Servizi offers facility management service for the managing of real estate and technological asset outsourcing.

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  • ICT and telecommunications

    Tekna Servizi designs and executes all infrastructure for the set up of landline and mobile phone networks, such as air-conditioned metal containers, switchboards and power stations.

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Tekna Servizi was founded in 2011 when an entrepreneur from Umbria, with twenty years of experience in the sector, decided to set up his own company.

About Tekna


Thanks to our skilled working groups and the organisation and know how developed over the years, we would like to accompany our clients in the future, setting up customised systems to facilitate production and organisation, and improve the quality of life.