Wind generators, mini wind generators

As for other renewable energy sources, wind is a type of energy that is available, natural and clean. This is why Tekna Servizi is committed to a campaign for the promotion and use of wind energy, with a focus on preserving the balance between towns and nature.

The company develops wind energy projects for the entire cycle starting from the measurement of the wind to the sale of the energy produced, intervening both as General Contractor and EPC. The company provides support services for each phase of activity including the construction of the works, installation of the machine and connection to the grid.
Thanks to the multidisciplinary experience of its staff, the Tekna Servizi designs and produces the containers housing wind energy and photovoltaic plant, also integrating them with data transmission equipment.


  • Wind and mini wind generators for enterprises
  • Micro wind generators for residential and small companies
  • Integrated wind energy-telecommunications systems
  • Planning and management of the authorisation process
  • Procedures for income tax deduction and incentives
  • Decommissioning
  • Global Service for plant maintenance